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Twist | Universal Baby Monitor Holder | Secure with Straps & Clamp to Furniture | No Drilling Required | ble Baby Camera Mount | Baby Monitor Shelf, Stand

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  • ✨ FROM THE MAKERS OF THE AWARD WINNING FLEXI HOLDER - The Flexi Twist Baby Monitor Holder - MADE FROM PLASTIC. Sold by a UK company; buy with confidence. Can use with most baby cameras on the market, such as Motorola baby monitor, Samsung baby monitor, Summer Infant baby monitor, BT Baby Monitor, and many more. Please check to see if your Camera Brand and Model Number is compatible before purchase
  • ⚒️ NO DRILLING IN WALLS REQUIRED - therefore no mess or DIY involved. Easy to use and assemble. Allow the camera to be gripped by the jaws of the holder (rotate as required). Secure the camera and loose cables with velcro straps provided.
  • 💪🏼 A STRONG CLAMP TO GRIP TO FURNITURE -The Flexi Twist has a strong clamp at the end of the flexible hose, and this securely clamps to most surfaces in the nursery (by twisting to secure). It is easy to attach the Flexi Twist (baby monitor holder) to furniture such as window ledge, arm of chair, cupboard door, a wall shelf etc. The baby monitor clip can also be attached to the cot. To adjust the view on the monitor, simply bend the flexible hose or rotate the jaws where the camera is held.
  • 🎊 PORTABLE FOR OVERNIGHT TRIPS - so you can take it away on holiday or an overnight stay at a friend/family's house. Simply bend the hose as compactly as possible, and pack it with you luggage. Flexi Twist Baby Monitor Holder can grip cameras with a base up to 70mm diameter, and can hold furniture up to 70mm in width. The holder itself is approx 850mm in length, and able to reach far if clamped further away from the cot. The holder's rubber pads will not damage any furniture.
  • 🎯 GET THE BEST VIEW FROM YOUR BABY MONITOR - The Flexi Twist baby camera mount can be flexibly positioned to give a better view. It's a 'must have' for any newborn's nursery. (Camera not included with purchase).
  • 💎 360 DEGREE ROTATION - Equipped with a unique rotating 360-degree "Claw," the Flexi Twist offers unparalleled flexibility in positioning your baby camera. This innovative feature allows for seamless adjustment of the monitor's angle, providing optimal visibility of your precious bundle from any vantage point.
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 ABOUT FLEXI - We are a small family run UK business, Husband, Wife duo with 2 little ones. Join the Flexi Revolution to help parents “Get The Perfect View”

Product Description

Introducing the Flexi Twist Baby Monitor Holder. From the makers of Flexi

Do you have an expensive baby camera but don’t want to drill walls to hold a shelf in your beautiful nursery?

Are you struggling to find a good spot for the baby monitor camera, resulting in a bad view when you check the monitor screen?

We can’t ensure your baby will sleep through the night, however we can help you get your evenings back by having the reassurance of having the perfect view of your little one sleeping in their cot. (Camera not included with purchase)

Please check to see if your Camera Brand and Model Number is compatible before purchase

Should you experience any issues, please reach out to us so we can try and help.

Is my camera compatible with the Flexi Twist?

Please check to see if your Camera Brand and Model Number is compatible before purchase.

Angelcare: AC1300, AC1100, AC210, AC310, AC320, AC327, AC337, AC507, AC527, AC25

Arenti: Ainanny 2k, P2Q Indoor, Indoor Smart Pet Camera // Baby Sense: HDS2 // Blink: Mini Camera // Blurams:Home Pro - A10C //

BT: 2000, 3000, 5000, 6000, 6800, "Smart Video Baby Monitor" // Cacagoo:Cacagoo // Eufy: C120 // Hello Baby: HB30, HB50 5 Inch //

Hubble: Nursery View Glow, Nursery Pal Essentials, Nursery View Pro 5, Nursery Pal Glow+ 5. Leapfrog: LF920HD, LF915HD, LF2415, LF1911HD // Luvion: Prestige Touch 2 camera // Motorola: Comfort 60 Connect, Comfort 85 Connect, Peekaboo, MBP43, MBP36, MBP41S, MBP85 Connect, MBP855 Connect, MBP482, VM482ANXL, VM65X Smart, VM34, VM44HD, VM35, Connect View 65+ //

Nanit: Nanit // Owlet: Owlet // Owltron: Cam T1 // Ring: Indoor Camera // Sense U: Sense U //

Tapo:TC60, C110, C100, C120, C212, C210P2, C200, TC70, C210, C220, C211 // Tommee Tippee: Dreamsense Baby // Vtech: RM5764HD, VM5463, VM3254, VM320, RM5754HD, RM5476HD, RM7764HD, VM2251, VM819, LM808, RM5764, RM7767, RM7766, RM5756, RM5766, VM3263, RM5755HD, VM923, VM3250, VM818HD, VM924.

Flexi Twist Not Compatible with bigger camera's like: Cubo AI // but they are compatible with the Flexi Twist Pro (Shelf) model

Due to the Twist using a claw, it may restrict you camera’s movement to pan/tilt. Please reach out to us before purchase and we can show you photos if you are unsure.

If your camera is not listed, reach out to us before purchase and we can advise

Meet Flexi Twist

Meet Flexi Twist - Portable, Lightweight, No Drilling Required, Baby Monitor Holder

What is the difference between the Flexi Twist and the Flexi Twist Pro?

The Flexi Twist comes with a "Claw" Grip to hold smaller camera's. The Flexi Twist Pro includes the "Claw" & you receive an additional Pro Shelf / Bolts & fixings so you can hold a wider variety of camera's which can be fixed to the shelf.

How can I Secure my camera to the Claw?

Use the velcro straps provided in the kit. It you are unsure, please reach out to us so we can send you photo.

Is my camera brand and model number compatible with the Flexi Twist?

We have tried to make the Flexi Twist compatible with a wide range of camera's on the market, some work better than others. Please see above list of camera models which can be secured with our Flexi Twist. If you are unsure, please reach out to us.

Will the Flexi Twist work with my small camera?

The Flexi Twist has a "Claw" Grip and it can open up to a maximum of 9cm. If camera's are smaller than 8cm and the "Claw" can grip/hold the camera, then it will work. If the camera has a large base, its probably better purchasing the Flexi Twist Pro

How does the Flexi Twist work?

Its quick and easy. Unpack the Flexi Twist, Open the Flexi Twist "Claw" and secure the monitor around the "Claw". For added security, use the Velcro Straps to tighten the "claw". See photos for details.

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Pick one of our Award Winning Baby Monitor Holders - Flexi - A UK Small Business

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500 Grams 250 Grams 600 Grams 2 KG 3.5 KG
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Clamp Loop around Clamp Freestanding (Move anywhere) Freestanding (Move anywhere)
Special Features
Large Claw Grip - small camera Free Baby On Board Sign Pro Shelf allows more cameras Tall & Freestanding Tall & Freestanding

Get the perfect view

  • Light Weight
  • Flexible
  • Perfect for weekend away, or family visits for nap times.
  • Setup in less than 1 mins

Clamp onto Window Cill

Easily clamp onto furniture around the room to get the best view

  • No Drilling
  • No Screwing
  • No Holes in walls


Velcro straps are included to secure the camera to the jaws of the holder. Smaller velcro straps to secure loose cables.

Clamp onto furniture

Easily clamp onto furniture around the room to get the best view

  • Suits most camera models.
  • Gender neutral colours.
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