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STRESS COAT Aquarium Water Conditioner 30 Ml Bottle

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  • Contains one (1) API STRESS COAT Aquarium Water Conditioner 30 ml Bottle
  • Makes tap water safe and protects fish with dual-action formula
  • Removes chemicals from tap water that are harmful to fish
  • Replaces fish’s protective coat damaged by handling, shipping or fish fighting with healing power of Aloe Vera extract
  • Use when adding or changing water, when adding new fish and when fish are sick or injured

From the manufacturer

Why be proactive with water treatments?

A natural pond has a constant supply of fresh water flowing into it, such as from a stream or spring. Water also flows out of a natural pond, taking fish waste and other toxins with it. This isn’t true for most garden ponds as they are closed systems. Garden ponds also tend to be much smaller than natural ponds, so they do not offer the amount of water per fish that you find in nature. For these reasons, water treatments are necessary to keep water conditions safe for both fish and plant life and for clearer water.

Following specific steps each season allows you to create a backyard retreat you’ll enjoy all year long! For more information about what’s needed each season, check out more below.

Spring Start Up - Get Your Pond Ready!

Its pond startup time! Whether filling a new pond or re-establishing an existing pond, following some simple steps at startup will yield benefits you’ll enjoy all season long. The 3 key steps that must be taken are making your tap water safe, activating the natural pond cycle, and maintaining sparkling clean water to boost fish and plant health. Once the water temperature reaches above 10⁰C, you’ll also want to start feeding your fish again. It is important to take care of all of your plants in the spring with API AQUATIC PLANT MEDIA and API AQUATIC PLANT FOOD TABLETS as they will be the key to success in most ponds! Lastly, monitor the water conditions in your pond with the API POND MASTER TEST KIT, an easy and accurate way to test 4 key water parameters including pH, ammonia, nitrite, and phosphat

Summer - Provide Regular Care And Enjoy Your Pond

Summer is the time to sit back and enjoy all of your hard work! You’ll need to continue regular care for your pond that includes adding beneficial bacteria like API POND-ZYME and API POND ECOFIX. While everything looks great, you’ll want to closely monitor the water conditions so that you can protect the health of your pond including plants and fish. Algae grows in the presence of sunlight where there is excess nutrients in the pond water for the algae to feed on. API POND ALGAE CURE has been used for over 18 years to effectively control green water algae, string algae, and blanketweed without harming fish or plants. At this time it could be beneficial to do a partial water change, adding API POND STRESS COAT and API POND SALT and fertilizing your pond plants

Autumn - Prepare For Winter

Performing a few simple steps in the autumn will prepare your fish and plants for the long, cold winter ahead and lay the foundation for a healthy start in the spring. We recommend removing excess organic matter to reduce fish stress during the winter months. Use a net to remove as many leaves as possible. Routine addition of API POND ECOFIX or API POND-ZYME throughout the season promotes healthy water quality and reduces the amount of organic matter you need to remove at the end of the season. It is also important to perform a 25% water change, adding API POND STRESS COAT and API POND SALT to make the tap water safe and to replenish important electrolytes which aid fish during the stressful winter months.

Winter – Keep Pond Water Circulating

In cooler climates, when the water temperature drops, fish will naturally eat less than at warmer temperatures. Once the water temperature drops below 5⁰C, fish will stop eating and if they have been fed properly through the summer and autumn, they will have ample reserves to survive the rigours of winter. It is also important to ensure your pond has circulation to keep an open area on the ponds surface throughout the winter months to prevent the buildup of toxic gases which can accumulate from the decomposition of organic matter.





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Use Weekly Helps monitor water quality Controls algae growth Quickly clears pond water
Use Every 2 Weeks Breaks down sludge Consumes pond sludge to keep it clean
Use When Adding or Changing Water Makes tap water safe for fish
Treatment Seasons Spring - Autumn Spring - Autumn Spring - Autumn Summer & Autumn Summer & Autumn Spring - Autumn

Making A Better Underwater World

At API, we understand the rewards and relaxation of fishkeeping because we have a passion for fish too. For over 50 years API has developed premium solutions with proven and effective results for your family and ours. API offers a range of testing kits, water conditioners, and nutritionally superior food, because we’re dedicated to making a better underwater world.

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