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Space Saver Bags for Travel and Home Reusable Vacuum Storage Bags save 80% More Storage Space Work with Vacuum Cleaner (9 Combo, No Pump Included)

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  • 9 x MIXED SIZE BAGS (3 SMALL, 3 MEDIUM, 3 LARGE) Vacuum Storage Bags offer a perfect solution for storage, with which you can put away your seasonal clothes, comforters and blankets, pillows and more. Easily create 80% more space!
  • Durable Space Saver Bags: extra flexible and thick premium PA&PE with unique bubbling technique, make these bags ultra durable and re-usable.
  • Secure Vacuum Sealer Bags clothes: these vaccume storage bags have advanced double-zip seal and the triple-seal valve designed to suck every bit of air out and nothing back in.
  • Convenient Space Bag: compatible with any standard vacuum cleaner hose for quick vacuum. Please be noted that this combo doesn't include a hand pump.
  • Extra thick film technology provides extra protection against tear and wear during usage, offering you lighter but more durable vacuum storage bags.

Product Description

Looking for functional vacuum storage bags to save space?

Start compressing clothes and beddings with Storage Master space saver bags vacuum storage bags.

Available in a wide range of size options, these vacuum sealer bags come in handy when you are travelling or moving or swaping out seasonal clothing in your wardrobe, creating up to 80% more storage space. Clothing and linens, particularly comforters, pillows, duvets and towels take up a huge amount of space in a room. With these vaccume storage bags, the air inside these items is sucked out, and their bulky size is reduced to a fraction of their initial volume. The space bags also keep items away from moisture and dust, allowing you store them over a long period of time.

Size Guide


The small size can fit in 6-8 sweaters or towels, but it is not big enough for thick winter coats.


The medium size can fit in 8-10 sweaters or 1 or 2 winter coats. But it is not big enough for bedding.


The large size can be used to store 10-12 sweaters & several bulky winter jumpers or items like curtains and pillows.

Usage Tips

Firstly, open up the bag on a flat surface & undo the zippers. Fold the items and put them inside the bag carefully.

Do not overfill the bag, make sure there is an inch spare from the edges of the clothes and zipper closure. When you remove the air, this inch of space will seal together & improve the vacuum.

Then, use the zip clip to zip along the dual-zip. Go back over the zips to make sure they are fully sealed without tiny section missed.

When ready, undo the valve lid and then place the vacuum cleaner nozzle or hose /hand pump on the bag valve port.

After vacuuming finished, secure the valve lid, and store the bag.

Dry all items before storing.

Do not overpack, use multiple bags instead.

Double check the zip to make sure it is fully closed.

Do not remove or try to force the valve open.

Vacuum sealing is not recommended for natural fibers and leather items.

Why us?

Dual Zip Seal

The double-zip come with bright white colored lines on the one side and black colored conterparts on the opposite. When you close the zip, the yellow line will be inserted neatly into the two blue lines, perfect indication that the bag is well-sealed.

Triple Seal Valve

As well as dual-zip, the self seal turbo valve are designed to keep every bid of air OUT of the bag, they can stay vacuumed after 6 months with only minimal leakage. Simply re-applying the vacuum a couple of times a year suffices.

Stay-on clip

Stay-on clip prevents clips from falling off the zipper or missing. You never have to find the bag useless only because the small clip is missing.

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