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Small Dog Treat Dental Chew 54 Stick, Pack of 2

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  • ^ Dentalife Small Adult Dog Chews Chicken 1 x 108 x 1.76kg Pack ^ Chewy porous texture with wholesome ingredients ^ Cleans even the hard to reach teeth ^ With a natural cleaning action ^ Scientifically proven to reduce tartar build-up ^ No added artificial flavourings or colourants and low in fat ^ 108 sticks, 1.76kg

From the manufacturer



Your dog has specific health needs, and maintaining their oral health contributes towards their overall well being. That’s why the experts at PURINA developed PURINA DENTALIFE dental sticks for dogs.

These innovative dental dog chews have a chewy porous texture, a ridged design and a delicious chicken flavour. It reaches even hard-to-reach areas and when it is used daily, it is scientifically proven to help reduce tartar build-up for healthier teeth and gums.

  1. DENTALIFE for extra small dogs

    For a very small dog up to 7kg.

  2. DENTALIFE for small dogs

    For a small dog from 7kg to 12kg.

  3. DENTALIFE for medium dogs

    For a medium dog from 12kg to 25kg.

  4. DENTALIFE for large dogs

    For a large dog from 25kg to 40kg.

1 Extra Small 2 Small 3 Medium 4 Large

Chewy Porous Texture

The latest innovation in maintaining good oral health for your dog, PURINA DENTALIFE dental chews feature a porous chewy texture.

Reduce Tartar Build-up

PURINA DENTALIFE dog chews scrub even the hard-to-reach teeth that are the most vulnerable to plaque and tartar build up.

Low In Fat For Daily Use

DENTALIFE dental chews are low in fat and contain less than 10% of your dog’s recommended daily calorie intake. They are designed for daily usage.

Wholesome Ingredients

Made from corn and wheat with no added sugar and low in fat. PURINA DENTALIFE has no added artificial flavourings or colourants.

How does PURINA DENTALIFE help your dog?

PURINA DENTALIFE works thanks to a mechanical action, which promotes chewing and physical “brushing” on the surface of a dog’s teeth. The combination of product texture, shape and dimension of the chew allows it to clean even the hard to reach teeth.

How do I know if PURINA DENTALIFE Chews are working?

PURINA DENTALIFE chews slow the accumulation of plaque and tartar. Therefore you may notice less yellowish tartar build-up and improved breath.

How and when should I feed my dog PURINA DENTALIFE chews?

PURINA DENTALIFE chews should be fed to your dog once, daily. There is no specific time of day chews should be fed to your dog. Follow directions on the label for recommended feeding amount and guidelines.

What are the ingredients in PURINA DENTALIFE

Each PURINA DENTALIFE chew is full of wholesome ingredients made from wheat and corn. They are low in fat and do not have any added sugar in them. There are also no added artificial flavourings or colouring's added to our chews.

At what age can a dog chew DENTALIFE?

We recommend you start giving a dog PURINA DENTALIFE chews after they are one year of age or older. Feeding the a dog under the age of one a DENTALIFE chew daily could cause the puppy to eat over their daily calorie requirement.

DENTALIFE is scientifically proven to help reduce tartar build-up for healthier teeth and gums as well as being low in fat and designed for daily usage. DENTALIFE is endorsed by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) for tartar reduction.

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