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Pizza Peel 12 Inch Pizza Paddle for Pizza Oven Wooden Pizza Peel Pizza Shovel for Pizza Oven BBQ Pizza Stone Pizza Oven Paddle

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  • Pizza Peel for electric and wooden ovens made of birch wood - the birch wood pizza oven accessories is a versatile tool suitable for various types of ovens, including electric, wood-fired, and gas ovens. With its thin layers of fresh birch wood, it functions flexibly like a kitchen utensil. It is resistant to high temperatures and can also serve as a cutting board for other foods like cakes, bread, and cookies.
  • Large Cutting Board support -the pizza peel features gentle and rounded corners and is milled on the side opposite the handle, allowing the blade to slide under the pizza and remove it from the bbq pizza oven. It can also be used as a cutting board for cakes, pastries, crepes, cookies, bread, and other baked goods.
  • Versatile Cooking Tool -The pizza peel is perfect for baking and serving crispy pizzas directly from the oven. It is also suitable for making bread, focaccia, calzones, and other dishes. Its versatility makes it an essential complement for lovers of Italian cuisine.
  • The Wood Of The Pizza Peel It is recommended to clean the pizza paddle for pizza oven with a damp cloth or a well-wrung sponge. Avoid using spatulas, scrapers, knives, brushes, or harsh detergents to prevent damaging the wood fibers. Birch wood, being untreated, can absorb water.
  • Resistant and durable - made of high-quality birch wood, this pizza peel ensures robustness and durability over time. Its solid and well-crafted structure provides a stable grip without the risk of deformation or breakage.
  • Functional design -the ergonomic design of the pizza peel offers a comfortable grip and a spacious surface for placing the pizza. The openings on the blade promote air circulation during baking, preventing the pizza base from becoming moist.

Product Description

LEO AND GIO is the professional tool oven blade that represents what we love about wood and the natural being

PIZZA PEEL- Birch wood scoop for domestic electric oven.


It is a professional tool for the home that wants to represent what we love about untreated soft wood and that is, its natural being that makes it a living accessory.

The scoop is made as a home accessory to bake round pizza doughs, pizza by the meter, bread, Roman pinsa, crepes, cakes, biscuits, bakery, tigelleThe pizza shovel is a tool for all kinds of household electric and wood ovens, gas ovens, electric ovens, firestones, pizza cookers and baking accessoriesA cloud of flour on the pallet allows the dough of slip easily on the hob of the oven, while the flat beveled side of the pan facilitates the insertion of the shovel under the dough to remove it easily from the oven at the end of cookingOn the laid table is a super nice accessory, made not only for pizza and bread, but also for cold cuts and cheesesesThe scoop, just because made with untreated wood, tends to absorb any substance and therefore to stain. it is recommended to use a Well squeezed cloth or sponge and let it dry away from heat sourcesSize of the shovel 30cm x 41.5cm (including handle about 11cm). Thickness 0.5 cm.

The pizza pad....... an important accessory for your kitchen

We can consider it as a wooden plate to put on a table to accommodate cold cuts and cheeses, but the important part is that of making as a pastry board on which to work and manipulate pizza doughs, bread and other delicacies.

A bit of flour on the floor of the shovel, and......

...begins the "rite" of pizza.

Place the stone on the grill at about half of the ovenTurn on the oven and bring it to the maximum temperatureonce you reach the maximum temperature wait 5 minutesopen the oven and, with the shovel provided, lay the dough stuffed on the stonewait a few minutes depending on the dough and filling, extract the pizza with the shovel avoiding the danger of burns


The pizza shovel also lends itself well to bake different doughs. Try the bread of your own production, have fun baking cookies, dare with a Roman pinsa, experiment with a salty cake or a stuffed focaccia. Remember to spread flour on the scoop to make sure the dough keeps the shape you want.


The scoop is made of birch wood and measures 300mm x 415mm. The wood, a high-quality material, allows an effective grip while avoiding the danger of burns.

If necessary, the scoop can also be used as a cutting board. For cleaning, remove the remaining residues, wipe a wet but well squeezed sponge and, if still moist, keep it away from heat sources.


We have thought of a 100% MADE IN ITALY product, like pizza, and this makes us proud. The mission of LEO AND GIO aims to carefully choose the products paying attention to the details and resources it uses.

It is therefore a sustainable product, safe and suitable for healthy cooking.

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