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Just Catnip - Organic Catnip for Cats | Fine Blend Cat Nip | Grown in South Africa | Extra Strong | Cat Toy | Cat Treat | Natural, Ethical and Sustainably Farmed (Catnip (30G))

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  • Irresistible Attraction: Watch your furry friend’s excitement and mental stimulation as they're irresistibly attracted to their toys, scratching post, and bedding, infused with our catnip. It's the secret to turning any spot into their favourite hangout, ensuring they're joyfully engaged and entertained.
  • Pure Joy, Naturally: Discover the purest form of happiness for your feline friend with our organic catnip. Free from chemicals, it's the safest way to boost your cat's spirits and well-being.
  • Grown with Love: Our catnip grass comes from the heart of South Africa, where it's sustainably cultivated on our family farm, Bushwillow’s Estate. Each leaf is hand-picked with care, ensuring your cat receives the most potent and lovingly grown cat treat.
  • Safety Meets Happiness: We believe in the joy of play without any worries. Our cat nip is completely safe and non-toxic, enjoy peace of mind knowing your cat is having fun safely.
  • Unforgettable Playtimes: Designed to capture your cat's senses and offer endless hours of fun. The resealable pouch ensures lasting freshness, making each playtime as enjoyable as the first. Keep your cat endlessly entertained and mentally stimulated, turning ordinary days into extraordinary adventures.

Product description

Give your ball of fur a special treat with this play-friendly, natural catnip from the open fields of our sustainable farm at Bushwillow Estate, South Africa. Watch them wriggle and purr with this ancient wild herb as they sniff, nibble, rub and roll – or even dash and dance with their favourite heart-shaped leaves! Our organic catnip is hand-grown and hand-picked by a team of family farmers working side by side to nurture and cultivate the finest-quality plants – so you can give your cat the top-class treats they deserve.


Catnip, nepeta cataria


Crush a few leaves between your fingers to release the catnippy goodness. (Or fill your favourite catnip toy and give it a shake and a squeeze.) Let your cat have a sniff or a nibble, and watch as they go wild – or settle down for the ultimate relax. That catnippy goodness can fade over time. So if your cat loses interest, it's time for some fresh leaves – and time for the fun to start all over again. When you're finished with play time, zip up the bag and store your catnip in a cool, dark place. (And well out of the reach of curious little paws!)
Store in a cool and dry place. Not suitable for kittens under 8 months. Keep away from children. Store out of reach of pets and children. Not intended for human consumption.

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