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Happy Trails No-Zip Stroller, Emerald Green

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  • Stroller height to handle 101.60cm; interior dimensions 60.96cm l x 60.48cm w x 55.88cm h
  • 600 denier water-resistant material
  • Rear safety brakes, front shock absorbers, parent tray for keys, water etc and large storage basket

From the manufacturer

Why use a pet stroller?

Pet strollers are used for a variety of reasons. They help avoid stress on your pet's body if they are having trouble walking due to joint pain, arthritis, or recent surgery. Strollers also function as a crate on wheels. Wherever you go, your pet, whether it be a dog, cat, furry (or not so furry) friend, will be able to keep you company while remaining safely contained inside the stroller.

What is No-Zip?

No-Zip is one of the most innovative feature in pet strollers today. All strollers with the No-Zip feature have an easy-locking latch instead of a zippered closure. No zippers means no hassle, when trying to open and close the stroller. No-Zip technology allows you to easily gain access to your pet without fumbling with zippers.

Do I need Air Ride?

If you plan on jogging with your pet, taking your pet on long walks or to locations with rough terrain, the type of wheels on the stroller is a key factor to consider. The recommended tire type for any of the previously mentioned activities is Air Ride. Air Ride tires add extra comfort for your pet and provide an effortless stroll. With Air Ride you will also be able to lock the front wheel. This aids in stabilizing the stroller when jogging or traveling over rough terrain.

How do I select the best fit?

Please refer to the comparison chart below (Interior Dimensions / Pet Cabin Size) when selecting your stroller. If you are wondering if your pet(s) will fit in a certain stroller, a good visual guide (especially if you intend to use the stroller for more than one pet) is to take a towel and fold it to the same interior dimensions (length and width) as the stroller. Then, place your pet(s) on the towel to make sure they will fit within the space comfortably. You should also measure the height of your pet when sitting to make sure they are at least 4 inch less than the interior height dimension listed for extra comfort.

No-Zip Happy Trails Pet Stroller No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller No-Zip NV Pet Stroller No-Zip Double Pet Stroller No-Zip Excursion Zipperless Entry Pet Stroller No-Zip Expedition Zipperless Entry Pet Stroller
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One second one hand fold N/A N/A
Weight limit Up to 35 pounds Up to 70 pounds Up to 70 pounds Up to 90 pounds Up to 100 pounds Up to 150 pounds
Weight of stroller 13 pounds 27 pounds 27 pounds 32 pounds 19 pounds 26 pounds
Easy locking No-Zip feature (Zipper is replaced with an easy-locking latch)
Tire type Plastic / EVA Air Ride Air Ride Air Ride Plastic / EVA Plastic / EVA
Tire size front/back wheel 6 inch/6 inch 12 inch/12 inch 12 inch/12 inch 12 inch/12 inch 6.25 inch/11 inch 6.25 inch/11 inch
Interior pad Removable liner Removable liner Bolster Pad Bolster Pad Fleece Pad Fleece Pad
Interior dimensions/ Pet cabin size approximate 25 inch L x 12 inch W x 21 inch H 28 inch L x 12.5 inch W x 22.5 inch 28 inch L x 12.5 inch W x 22.5 inch 27 inch L x 20 inch W x 23 inch H 27 inch L x15.5 inch W x 20 inch H 32 inch L x 22 inch W x 23 inch H
Panoramic view window/ Elevated paw rest
  1. Material: Our pet accessories are made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and comfort for your furry friends. Please refer to individual product descriptions for specific materials used.
  2. Cleaning: We recommend cleaning our pet accessories on a regular basis to maintain their appearance and hygiene. For most items, hand washing with mild soap and water is sufficient. Please refer to individual product care instructions for more details.
  3. Sizing: To ensure the perfect fit for your pet, please measure them carefully before making a purchase. Each product has its own sizing chart, so please refer to those for accurate measurements.
  4. Safety: While we strive to create safe products for pets, it is important to always supervise your pet while they are using our accessories. Some items may present choking hazards if not used correctly.
  5. Storage: When not in use, store our pet accessories in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight. This will help maintain their quality and prolong their lifespan.

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