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Gravity Water Filtration System. TUV Proven 99.999999% Removal Rate of Bacteria Emergency Kit Hurricane Storm Supplies(Purifier with Water Reservoir)

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  • FILTERING MORE - Filters up to 2000 liters of natural fresh water without using any chemicals. 2000L clean and drinkable water in the backpack on the go.
  • GRAVITY WORK - Take use of gravity for filtration. Threads on filter both sides. The whole filtration system can be connected inline. Set up and hang it on the tree. The filtration process is automatic without a watch.
  • BACKFLUSHING WITH EASE - Water filter lifespan can be extended by clean water backwash. Inverting clean water collapsible bottle (supplied) can backwash the filter immediately. A syringe for backflush is needless.
  • PRESSURE -TOLERANT AND WEARPROOF RESERVOIR: Food-grade premium quality materials. Slidelock design reservoir with wide-mouth opening for fast, easy filling. Convenient and comfortable carry handle. The entire gravity filtration system weighs 0.8 pounds.
  • RELIABLE FILTERING RESULT - 0.1micron membrane ensures 99.999999% removal rate of bacteria. TUV and SGS testing reports.

Product Description

Satisfy water need for group and family outdoor activities.

Miniwell gravity water filter system is not a single user sucking up straw. It is a perfect solution for a group of people filtration needs when they are on the go.

Find a Tree to Hang Reservoir Easily by Adjustable Tree Strap

Set up a gravity-based water filtering system easily with a palm-size water filter and 3 Liters reservoir. Gravity system includes a tree strap for effortless hanging from the tree. It is a good solution when you can’t find the appropriate height branch.

Outdoor Companion

Good choice for hiking, camping, canoeing, fishing, hunting, climbing, travel, out-door work, survival supplies, emergency, military personnel, refugee and rescuer in earthquake or flood area, etc.

Ideal for people who live in the conflict area, riot area, remote village, and tribe.

Reliable Water Filter Straw

Waterborne bacteria and protozoa can not pass through UF membrane

Reliable Water Filter Straw

miniwell L630 uses 0.1 micron ultrafiltration membrane as filter media, Ultra-low pressure membranes ensure fast flow rate.

2000L drinkable water with you on the go

Filter up to 2000 liters of natural renewable freshwater without using any chemicals.

Lifespan can be extended by clean water backwashing

Backflush can rinse away impurities that the membrane has filtered from the water. The threads on filter both sides. A handy pop disposable bottle or collapsible bottle can be screwed on the water filter outlet for backwashing. You don't need to keep a syringe for backwashing on the go anymore.

Remove Bacteria in Water

Hollow Fiber

Save Money

Back flushing for Cleaning



1. Miniwell Portable Water Filter 2.Dirty Water Reservoir( 3000ml) 3. Clean Water Collapsible Bottle(1000ml) 4. Silicone Hose and Hose Clip 5. Tree strap( 1meter) 6. Carry Bag


1. How often do I need to backwash the system?

It depends on the quality of the water source. When you feel the flow rate slows down, backwash can improve the flow rate. (Note: To extend filter life, always use the best freshwater source you can access. If raw water is cloudy, wait for the sediment to settle out until water appears clear and then filter the water above the sediment.)

2. Can I use water filtered from the system itself to backwash the filter?

Yes. Filtered water from the filter can be used to backwash. Collects filtered water by a clean bottle. Screw a clean water bottle on the filter water outlet. Invert and squeeze the clean bottle to backwash the filter.

3. How do I know its time to replace the filter?

No water flows out from the water filter even though you backwash the filter a couple of times. The filtration pores on the membrane are nearly blocked. It's time to replace the filter.

4. Does it filter salt water?

No. Miniwell L630 filtration pore size on membrane is 0.1 micron. Dissolved salt passes through 0.1micron membrane. In other words, Miniwell L630 keeps mineral from nature fresh water sources in filtered water.

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