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Fish Tank Water Changer Vacuum Siphon Kit, 3 in 1 Aquarium Siphon Gravel Cleaner Pump Sand Cleaner Kit for Drain and Replace Water

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  • 【3 IN 1 multifunctional cleaner】 Aquarium Water Changer——change water, wash sand, clean, is a multifunctional cleaning tool. The nozzle net prevents absorbing of juvenile fish, grass and gravel. Attached nozzle can help clean gravels which will effectively separates excrement and food residue from your aquarium, keep the water fresh.
  • 【Special design】Extended anti-slip tube for more effective drainage. Since the pump is unidirectional, please put the QV letter end downward against the bucket when using it.
  • 【Easy to use】 The siphon pump is easy to grip, just press the pump a few times, the water starts automatically. The high quality PVC hose does not bend to block the flow of water, it simply bends in any position and adapts to your use. (Note: the position of the water outlet must be lower than the inlet)
  • 【Package Include】 Compressed Structure - Equipped with 1pcs soft water pipe(72.4in) and 2pcs hard water pipes(11in*2). The gravel cleaner's hole is connected tightly with no worries the problem of water leaking.
  • 【Tips】If you encounter trouble during use, please contact our customer service to answer your doubts

Product Description

Powerful Suction Gravel Cleaner----Water Changer, washing Sand, Cleaning Fish Tank

Powerful Suction Gravel Cleaner----Water Changer, washing Sand, Cleaning Fish Tank

Boxtech Aquarium Fish Tank Cleaner(Warer Changer) is a good choice to clean fish tank which can save your time and improve your efficiency while cleaning.

Water change is an important part of keeping your fishes healthy however it could be tiring and time-consuming especially after a long day at work, with the use our Gravel Cleaner such problems will be eliminated and your life will be more easy.


  • It's very easy to use, all you need to do is to pinch it for 3 to 5 times, water will flow out automatically.
  • When you make a Water Change function or Cleaning Fish Tank without any effort

Matching Sunction Clamp

The water exchanger can be fixed on the glass of fish tank, great for daily maintenance and routine water changing.

Safe-Durable PVC Harp Pipe

High quality PVC tube with High strength, corrosion resistant feature, won't collapse to block the water flow, easy to bend it into any position to fit for your use.

When you make a Water Change function or Cleaning Fish Tank without any effort

How to Operate:

1.Connect the inlet and outlet pipe, then put in a suitable location.

2.Put the "QV " letter on manual pump must be installed next to the bucket.

3.Squeeze the air-pressing a few times, water will start flow automatically.


  • Color: Green.
  • Material: PVC+ABS
  • Length of the Hard Outlet Tube: 28cm(11in)
  • Length of the Soft Outlet Tube: 184cm(72.4in)
  • Total Length of The Gravel Cleaner: 238 - 266cm(93.7 - 104.7in)
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