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Dog Carrier Sling - Pet Carrier for Small Dogs and Cats, Adjustable Strap, Zip Pocket, Snap Closure (Black, M - Adjustable Strap Eu)

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  • Premium Materials And Design: Experience ultimate comfort and durability with the TOMKAS puppy carrier. Our high-quality selected fabric is thick, soft, and ensures safety for your furry friend. The bag's large opening and adjustable safety belt makes it easy to use, and tough sutures prevent cracks. It's perfect for chihuahua and Yorkshire accessories.
  • Sufficient Safety: Your pet's safety is our top priority. The TOMKAS small dog carrier sling has a secure safety buckle that keeps your dog safe and in place. Our carrier provides reliable safety and comfort that you and your pet will love. Remember to never tie the safety buckle to the collar, as it could hurt your dog's neck if it attempts to jump out.
  • Large-Capacity Zippered Pockets: Stay organized with TOMKAS's front zippered pocket that can store all of your essentials, such as your phone, keys, cards, wallet, and dog leash. Our reliable carrier is designed with your convenience in mind. Unlike other dog slings without zippered pockets, our pocket keeps your belongings secure throughout use.
  • Convenient Enough: Take your furry friend anywhere you go with the TOMKAS dog purse carrier. It's comfortable and convenient for walking, outings, and traveling. Our carrier is especially useful for dogs that are old, blind, injured, or have undergone surgery. You can keep them close and comfortable in our carrier, providing the care they need to get through any difficulty.
  • Size: high capacity 10 lbs. Tomkas dog carry bag is best for pet weight: 3-10 lbs.PLEASE NOTE:The shoulder Strap is adjustable. There is a sturdy plastic buckle on the shoulder Strap to adjust the length. The adjustment buckle on the shoulder Strap of Tomkas dog sling is larger and stronger than other similar items,simple and easy to operate.If multiple family members need to use it, you only need to adjust the length of the shoulder Strap, which can be easily used by both adults and children.

Product Description

➤Tomkas Selles has a clingy dog and know what pet parents need.So we designed a Dog carrier & travel product,to carry the sticky creature anytime, anywhere.We use Tomkas Dog Sling for chores,shopping,and traveling happily.I believe you also need such an artifact ,such as Tomkas small dog carrier. ➤The Tomkas dog sling carrier has excellent workmanship. 1) The products are strictly screened for soft fabrics, tough stitches, buckles and other accessories. 2) When put the pet into the Tomkas puppy Sling,due to the effect of gravity, the bag can well wrap and fit the pet's body,just like staying in the mum's arms. 3) It is a good gift idea for pet parents. ➤Kind tips: 1) When using it for the first time, please follow the method of training the dog to pee at a fixed point. First let the pets get used to the existence of Tomkas Dog Carrier Slings.For example, put Tomkas pet sling on pets' bed or toys to get pets' own scent.Until they get used to the Tomkas pet carrier, then you can gently put them in. The adaptation time depends on the pet's personality. Some dogs adapt quickly, but some nervous dogs need more time. Parents must be patient. 2) Please touch fur kids when they in the bag.Gentle petting will make it easier for pets to get used to staying in it. 3) Please wash the pet sling regularly. Keep your precious pets in a clean and warm Tomkas dog carrier sling. 4) Please fasten the buckle of the safety belt to the pet's clothes or harness, which can safely and effectively prevent the pet from jumping out and being injured. You can fasten the snaps of the opening, which will fit the pet's body and make them safer. 5) Do not connect the safety belt to the collar. If the pet suddenly jumps out, it may cause the pet's neck to be choked. Please protect your pet baby and do not have such dangerous behavior.


Do not connect the safety belt to the collar. If the pet suddenly jumps out, it may cause the pet's neck to be choked. Please protect your pet baby and do not have such dangerous behavior.

  1. Material: Our pet accessories are made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and comfort for your furry friends. Please refer to individual product descriptions for specific materials used.
  2. Cleaning: We recommend cleaning our pet accessories on a regular basis to maintain their appearance and hygiene. For most items, hand washing with mild soap and water is sufficient. Please refer to individual product care instructions for more details.
  3. Sizing: To ensure the perfect fit for your pet, please measure them carefully before making a purchase. Each product has its own sizing chart, so please refer to those for accurate measurements.
  4. Safety: While we strive to create safe products for pets, it is important to always supervise your pet while they are using our accessories. Some items may present choking hazards if not used correctly.
  5. Storage: When not in use, store our pet accessories in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight. This will help maintain their quality and prolong their lifespan.

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