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D-608WB Wind up FM/AM/SW Radio Torch Solar Hand Crank Emergency Rechargeable Battery Weather Radio Bluetooth MP3 USB Phone Charging Flashlight Reading Lamp SOS Alarm Headphone Jack for Camping

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  • [FM/AM/SW/WB Portable Radio]: (length, width and height) Band range FM- 64~108MHz AM: 522~1620KHz(9K)/520~1710KHz(10K) SW: 1711~29,999KHz Easy auto search and auto store function for each band, select the favorite number to store, and delete the stored radio station at any time, while the storage The maximum number of stored stations is 500. Equipped with an extra-long telescopic rotating antenna for high sensitivity and reception.
  • [Multi-function radio]: Not only a radio, but also a music player. Equipped with Bluetooth connection, you can connect to your mobile phone conveniently and quickly anytime, anywhere, play music and answer calls; it also has a TF card slot, you can plug it in to recognize music, and the loop playback function allows you to enjoy a pleasant time. Equipped with a 5W large speaker, the sound quality is clear and loud. Set the time; dual alarm clock function, you can set the sleep timer function, additional temperature display, signal strength and sensitivity display.
  • [Multiple power supply]: The emergency radio comes with a 3000mah large-capacity rechargeable battery; it can be powered and charged through a USB-Type c charging cable; it comes with a solar charging panel, which can be used for emergency charging when outdoors; the emergency radio comes with a hand crank It generates electricity and can be used for emergency hand-crank charging of the radio when the weather does not allow it. At the same time, there is an additional USB port that can be used to charge smartphones when outdoors.
  • [Multi-functional emergency radio]: Not only an FM/AM/SW radio for daily listening to radio, but also a multifunctional emergency equipment for outdoor camping: equipped with a strong flashlight with three brightnesses and an additional emergency reading light, which can be used anytime and anywhere even at night Enjoy the pleasure of reading, allowing you to travel safely even in the dark in an emergency; it also comes with an SOS alarm. When you are in danger or emergency, you can turn on the SOS alarm, and the flashlight will activate while the alarm is sounded. Blinking in turn attracts the attention of others and ultimately helps.
  • [Service]:I believe this product will satisfy you. After purchasing this product, you will get: an XHDATA D-608WB radio, a 3000 mAh rechargeable battery, a wristband, a product instruction manual, and 12 Month.

Product Description

FM/AM/SW Wind up radio automatically searches for stored radio stations (Store up to 500 radio stations); Emergency radio weather warning/Flashlight and reading light; Four emergency power supply methods SOS alarm; Setting time/alarm clock Sleep function/Bluetooth TF card (Play music/answer calls).

Emergency wind up radio for anywhere. It can be charged through USB-C not only for daily use, but also for continuous charging of the radio through the folding hand crank and solar panel. The built-in large-capacity 3000mAh battery can be used conveniently( Can also charge mobile phones).

Wind up radio, household and outdoor equipment, the compact design of the pocket radio is easy to carry around, and the operation interface is simple and easy to understand.

Wind up emergency weather portable radio

The XHDATA D-608WB wind up emergency radio has seven WB/NOAA channels. When any NOAA channel issues a disaster warning, the product will issue an "SOS" sound and light synchronized warning. (Long press SOS in any state to turn on the sound and light synchronized distress signal)

XHDATA Portable Radio

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