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Ciao Churu Pops by Cat Treat - Chicken Flavour (4 X 15G) / Moist & Chewy Cat Treat, Delicious & Healthy Snack for Cats, Hand Feeding, Natural, Grain Free, High Moisture

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  • MADE FROM WHOLESOME INGREDIENTS YOU CAN TRUST: Every Inaba product is made with yummy, human-grade ingredients including farm-raised chicken and/or natural wild-caught tuna
  • UNIQUE, MOIST JELLY TREATS FOR CATS: We've taken the creamy flavour of our original Churu and turned them into a hydrating, soft jelly cat treat with 91% moisture to help your cat gets the moisture they need to stay healthy
  • HEALTHY, LOW CALORIE CAT SNACKS: We've kept the bad stuff like grains, preservatives and artificial colors out of these 6.5 calorie treat. But we've added Vitamin E for your cat's immune system, so they are a treat you can feel good about feeding
  • HAVE THEM EATING OUT OF YOUR HAND: This soft, juicy treat can be squeezed up from the tube to be fed by hand, creating a fun way for you to interact with your kitty
  • ADD A LITTLE VARIETY TO YOUR CAT'S LIFE: Available in three savoury flavours that cats of all stages (kitten to senior) will love

From the manufacturer

Unique Creamy Jelly Treat

The creamy flavour from our original Churu, but in a moist jelly treat that is a tasty, low-calorie snack. With 91% moisture and only 6.5 calories, these treats help keep your kitty hydrated.

Wholesome Ingredients

We know your cat is a beloved member of your family so we use high-quality, human-grade ingredients like wild-caught tuna and farm-raised chicken. Churu Pops are also free from grains, preservatives and artificial colours.

Interactive Snack

Available in three savoury flavours (Tuna Recipe, Chicken Recipe and Tuna with Chicken Recipe), these jelly sticks are designed to be fed by hand allowing you the chance to interact with your furry friend. Perfect for all stages kitten to senior.

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Price £17.46£17.46 £3.15£3.15 £2.99£2.99 £3.69£3.69 £2.42£2.42 £30.75£30.75
Style Soft, Bite Sized Treats Crunchy Treats with a Soft Filling Moist & Chewy Sticks Crunchy Sticks with a Soft Filling Creamy Puree Creamy Puree
Servings per pouch 3 packs per pouch 3 packs per pouch 4 tubes per pouch 4 rolls per pouch 4 sticks per pouch 50 sticks per bucket
Serving size 33g 10g 15g 10g 14g 14g
Flavours Calamari & Homestyle Broth / Chicken & Tuna / Crab & Scallop / Fish & Clam / Shrimp & Seafood Mix Chicken / Chicken & Tuna / Chicken, Tuna & Salmon / Chicken, Tuna & Scallop Chicken / Tuna / Tuna & Chicken Chicken / Chicken & Tuna / Chicken, Tuna & Scallop Chicken / Chicken & Cheese / Chicken & Crab / Chicken & Scallop / Chicken & Shrimp / Tuna / Tuna & Chicken / Tuna & Salmon / Tuna & Scallop 10 x Chicken / 10 x Chicken & Scallop / 10 x Chicken & Shrimp / 10 x Chicken & Crab / 10 x Chicken & Cheese
Preservative free
No artificial colours
Available sizes 1x3-pack pouch, 12x3-pack pouch 1x3-pack pouch, 12x3-pack pouch 1x4 pack pouch, 12x4-pack pouch 1x4-roll pack, 12x4-roll pack 1x4-sticks pack, 12x4-sticks pack, 20-sticks pack, 40-sticks pack, 50-sticks pack, 60-sticks pack 1x4-sticks pack, 12x4-sticks pack, 20-sticks pack, 40-sticks pack, 50-sticks pack, 60-sticks pack
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  2. Cleaning: We recommend cleaning our pet accessories on a regular basis to maintain their appearance and hygiene. For most items, hand washing with mild soap and water is sufficient. Please refer to individual product care instructions for more details.
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