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Beach Bat and Ball Set, Kids Wooden Paddle Ball, Beach Ball Racket Set, Wood Racket Game- 2 Paddles 4 Birdies 2 Balls, Garden Family Game Toys for Boys Girls Teens Years Old

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  • [ Wooden Paddle Game] 2 wood light weight, durable and water-resistant beach paddles. Only 0.33lb (150g) each! Official 13” Long, 7.25” Wide. 2 medium bounce high-visibility orange balls. 4 premium birdies- 2 orange birdies for slow and 2 yellow for fast. 1 black mesh beach tote-bag for carrying your set to the beach!
  • [ Beach Bat Ball] This beach ball set is closer to badminton when played with a birdie ball, and is more suitable for use in windless or breezy conditions. When playing with the ball is also closer to tennis, suitable for windy conditions, so you can switch between the two different games
  • [ Kids Wood Racket] The bat features a soft foam grip making it comfortable on kids' hands when learning to play. Bright color ensures that you can catch or hit it quickly even in the dazzling sunlight. Bright birdies to be retrieved quickly even if dropped on grass or sand
  • [ Family Garden Game] Get off the electronics and get you and your kids off the couch for batter ball game. Go and play, exercise hand-eye coordination, move your body, burn energy and improve reaction time
  • [ Gift Idea] Wood beach tennis is perfect for everyone from 3 years old and up. From school kids to adults, this wood paddle toy is very attractive to men, women, boys, girls and all ages, because it is safe and fun. It will make picnics and Sunday family BBQs fun. Perfect for the beach, backyard, family gatherings and all kinds of occasions

Product Description

INPODAK Beach Bat and Ball Set

Compared to pickleball, bat ball game is light but more larger, effectively increasing the success rate of catching ball/ birdies and enhancing the fun of playing.

Compared to badminton, birdie ball increases stability and can hit and catch the ball more stably in a breeze environment.

  1. Light weight, big hitting area

    The wooden paddle is 13” (33cm) long and 7.25” (18.4cm) wide, but it only light 0.33lb/150g.

  2. Comfort Paddle Handle

    EVA handle is elastic, and add has gap design makes it conducive to moisture Wicking.

  3. Water Resistant Birdies

    3 real feathers and bouncy rubber base makes it fit for beach/ swimming pool/ garden.

  4. Rubber birdies head

    Rubber head makes it more bouncy and stable.

  5. Bright birdies colors

    Bright birdies colors makes it fit for beach/ park/ lawn/ BBQ even in sunshine.

1 Bat Size 2 Soft Handle 3 Waterproof Birdies 4 Bouncy & Stability 5 Bright Colors

What size for the wooden racket?

Official paddle is 13” Long, 7.25” Wide. The nearly circular racket surface increases the hitting area and effectively increasing the success rate of catching ball/ birdies.

How weight for each paddle?

Only 0.33lb (150g). More lighter than normal paddle, that more fit for littler kids, and enhancing the fun of playing.

Is it water resistant?

Yes, it is. So you can take it to beach or swimming pool.

How about the set packing?

The bat ball set comes with a mesh bag, it can allow sand to leak out of the bag. So, it is not only convenient for storage, but also more suitable for the beach.

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Age Range
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13”L, 7.25”W Dia. 8 Inches Size 2 Size 3 8.5 Inches 17"L, 8.6"W
Beach/ Pool/ Garden Beach/ Pool/ Garden Beach/ Yard/ Inside Beach/ Yard/ Inside Beach/ Yard/ Lawn Beach/ Yard/ Lawn
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