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Automatic Fish Feeder for Aquarium - Auto Food Dispenser with Timer - Rechargeable Timer Feeder with USB Cable & LCD Display - Auto Fish Feeder with Moisture-Proof Design of Fish Food

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  • 🐠Accurate Food Amount - Compared with ordinary fish feeders with only one compartment, Petbank updated automatic fish feeder contains 16 grids in total, which is able to provide 15 individual meals, convenient to store a variety of food. Each grid holds up to 2g, ensuring high food accuracy. Note: Please don't store fish food at the outlet compartment.
  • 🐠2 Setup Methods - Petbank aquarium feeder provides two different installation ways to fit different types of aquariums. You can either mount it to the tank by adjustable clamp base, or stick it on the tank cover with suction cup. Both methods are easy to operate, so you can choose any way to meet your needs.
  • 🐠Moisture-resistant Design - Unlike other auto fish feeder with one opening that is always on, making food inside wet or jammed easily, Petbank auto food dispenser is fully sealed against moisture, whose opening will close automatically after each feeding. This thoughtful design effectively keeps fish food dry. Petbank accommodates most types of food, such as particle feed, pellets, powders and small strips. Note: It’s not for shrimps and flakes.
  • 🐠Customized Feeding Time - With the help of intelligent LCD display and timer function, Our automatic fish feeder can be programmed up to 3 feedings per day, with maximum 3 grids per feeding. You can also set it to feed at any time of the day and have it deliver every single or two or three or four day. If you want to experience the fun of feeding, you can also choose manual feeding.
  • 🐠USB Rechargeable - Petbank rechargeable timer feeder features 700mAh built-in battery, which can be fully charged in 3 hours and then last up to 1 to 2 month. (type-C charging cable included). No need to buy batteries repeatedly, which is energy and cost saving.

Product Description

With 16 compartments, you can store up to 15 individual meals, each with a high-precision dispensing of up to 2g of food per compartment, wich helping prevent overfeeding or underfeeding.

You can dispense up to 3 meals per day with a maximum of 3 compartments per meal.

Precise Quantity Control Like a Baby-sitter

This fish automatic feeder can do a very precise feed. Even if it's just a small fish, our feeder will take good care of it. Independent Storage Bin Design, each fish food placed separately, each meal can be matched with different fish food, to ensure the nutrition of fish.

Intelligent Automatic Feeding

Large LCD screen can easily see the parameter settings. Our new fish feeder automatic dispenser can be set 0-3 times a day, each time can feed 0-3 meals, can also be set to feed every other day. Set up 15 meals at one time, so that you can rest assured to go on vacation.

Charge Before Use

Note:Please charge at least 10h before first use until the charge light turns green, available for 1-2 months on a full charge.

Add Fish Food

15 meals can be added at a time. (No fish food in feeding mouth)

Set Parameters

Support customize feeding time and intervals, tailor your feeding plan according to your fish population and size

Attach To Fish Tank

Suitable for all square fish tanks, whether open tank or with lid

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