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Aquarium Gravel Cleaner Siphon Kit,6 in 1 Electric Vacuum Fish Tank Water Changer Set, Aquarium Siphon Vacuum Cleaner for Absorb Dirt, Wash Sand Controller

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  • 【6 in 1 Function】 ①automatic changer water ②sand washer ③debris cleaning ④water filter ⑤water shower ⑥water cycle.One aquarium gravel cleaner can be used for multiple purposes.Satisfy your multiple needs when cleaning your fish tank, always kept the aquarium clean and beautiful,saving time and efficience
  • 【Complete Accessories, High Quality】①360° Brush Head,can clean the dirt on the wall of the fish tank ②45 ° Corner Suction Inlet,Used to clean fine sand ③Duckbill Suction Inlet with spatula,Used to absorb debris and feces at the bottom of the fish tank. If can’t suck it up, you can use a Plastic spatula ④360 ° Water Intake Strainer with suction cups,used change water, add water ⑤Gravel Washer with filter sponge,used wash sand ⑥Water Shower with Filter Bag,used turtle showering and filter
  • 【Upgrade Electric Water Changer】The electric water pump provides powerful power,automatically and quickly changes water and cleans,effortless operation.The starting water level can be as low as 5cm, and the suction can be as low as 0.8cm.Aquarium vacuum gravel cleaner equipped with ceramic shaft for very quiet operation.
  • 【Extendable Handle Suitable For All Fish Tanks】The tube can be extended from 43cm to 86cm, could adjust to the appropriate length according to the size of your fish tanks, will not affect the fish during use.
  • 【Fast And Convenient Installation And Disassembly】Aquarium gravel cleaner is easy to install, save time and effort.Can be assembled in sequence according to the instructions or videos, freely assembled to meet your different needs.No need other tools,disassembled and stored without taking up space.You can get 12 months of aquarium product support from AQQA store to make sure you are completely satisfied with the product!

Product Description

AQQA The Greatest Advantage

AQQA is a professional company that provide aquarium products

The fish tank cleaner with Water Changer + Sand Cleaner + Fish Debris Cleaning + Water Filter + Water Shower 5 in 1 functions

This gravel cleaner use ceramics frequency conversion machine core, which is can reduce pump wear, keep it silence when it working, and extend its lifespan

It's your aquarium good helper

Please Follow The Installation Steps Carefully

6 In 1 Multi-function,Powerful Cleaning Function

360 ° Water Intake Strainer

360° rapid water inflow,Can quickly drain the water in the fish tank,The lowest water level line for motor start is 2inch,Can suck as low as 0.5inch.

Duckbill Suction Inlet with Spatula

Can accurately suck out the fish poop and fish food and other impurities at the bottom of the fish tank,If there are impurities that cannot be sucked, you can use the edge blade to loosen it first.

360° Brush Head

It can be used to clean the glass or rockery and other decorative objects around the fish tank,Will suck and brush at the same time.

Gravel Washer with Filter Sponge

Gravel Washer Allows you to wash the sand very easily, and can remove the impurities hidden in the fine sand,If you need to clean, please pay attention ,some slightly larger hole sponge in the front and some smaller hole sponge in the back when installing.

45 ° Corner Suction Inlet

Used to clean the fish tank decorated with stones,Refers to a stone larger than sand,Will not absorb the pebbles, can clean the impurities hidden in the pebbles

Water Shower + Filter Bag

Three usages, can be used as shower to a turtle tank,or put it in a fish tank to increase water circulation,if add filter bag,The fish tank can be cleaned without absorbing water, the impurities will be filtered into the bag.

Packaged Included

2 Sections Of Extension Tubes: (Fixed Tube 43CM Extension Tube 43CM) 1 Filter Bag 1 Outlet Hose 1 Sand Washing Head 1 Brush Head 1 Sand Vacuum 1 Water Intake Strainer 1 Duckbill Suction Inlet 1 Shower Head 1 Power Adapter 1 User Manual

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Cord length 6ft 1.3-3ft 5.6ft 9.4ft
Fits for Fits for all 15-120L fish tank 35-210L fish tank all all all
Electric power 15-60W 4.5-8.5W 3/5W 20W - 20W
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