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All-Itch Immunity Treats for Dogs - Soothe Itchy Paws, Eyes, Ears, Skin - Stop Itching, Licking, Scratching - Perfect for Small, Medium & Large Dogs - Supports Seasonal Itching

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  • UK's Most Loved Itch Soothing Chew (6,000+ 5* Website Reviews) - Tasty supplements that help to calm scratching, licking, chewing & soothe your dog's sensitive skin, eyes, paws or tum
  • Loved by 400,000+ Dogs - Trusted by 400,000+ customers in the UK to help support their dog's itching, soothe their skin, nourish their coat and aid their immunity
  • No More Force Feeding Tablets - Packed with world-class, expertly selected natural ingredients made into tasty, mouthwatering Salmon flavoured treats to soothe your itchy dog all year round
  • Use Daily For A Minimum Of 30 Days for Itch Support & A Normal Histamine Response - All-Itch Chews have been vet-checked and recommended to support your dog's itching
  • "Tod gets itchy and scratches his paws, tummy and face. He's been using the treats for 2 weeks. They stop his urge to scratch. He loves them & they soothe his itchy skin" - Kim

Product Description

How the All-Itch & Immunity Treats can support your Dog:

Made from 100% Natural Ingredients

Flaxseed & Licorice Root

Flaxseed is rich in Omegas, supports immune health, helps digestion, and supports the skin. Licorice Root soothes itching & scratching.

Turmeric & Apple Cider Vinegar

Turmeric soothes itchiness while supporting immune health. Apple Cider Vinegar supports skin health and comfort.

Salmon Oil & Vitamin C

Salmon Oil's Omega-3s soothe itchy skin, while Vitamin C supports immune function for optimal wellness.

3-Strain Probiotics Blend

Probiotics support overall gut health, which is 70% of your dog's immunity, nourishing their itchy skin.

The UK's Most-Loved Itch Support For Dogs

  1. Trusted by dog owners across the UK!

    Soothe your dog's itchiness within 30 days.

    Every day 400,000+ dogs and dog parents across the UK use NutriPaw, hear for yourself about how NutriPaw All-Itch & Immunity Treats have itchy, sensitive dogs!

  2. UK's Most-Loved Itch Support

    Over 400,000+ Healthy, Happy Dogs & Counting!

    The All-itch & Immunity treats will help your dog with any general itchiness. If they are scratching, licking or chewing their paws, eyes, legs, body, ears etc.

    They can support your dog's itching, soothe their skin, nourish their coat and aid their immunity

  3. All Natural Support For Your Itchy Dog!

    120 Natural Itch Chews to soothe your dog’s Scratching, Licking & Chewing

    Soothe your dog's scratching, licking & chewing and help nourish their itchy, sensitive skin with our Natural All-Itch & Immunity Treats in 30 days.

Key Benefits

100% Natural, No Nasties

Our All-Itch & Immunity Treats are made using 100% Natural ingredients. NutriPaw Treats are of GMP Quality, Grain Free & GMO-Free!

Loved by 400,000+ Happy Dogs

We have helped over 400,000 dogs to live a happy, healthy life, with All-Itch & Immunity Treats, that soothe itchy dogs & nourish sensitive skin.

Loved by Vets

"All-Itch Treats support itchiness & sensitive skin. They soothe itching, scratching, chewing, licking & nourish the coat." - Dr. Ali, DVM

Results Customers LOVE

We are trusted by dog owners across the UK to support their dog's itching, scratching, licking & chewing.

Serving Size

FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

Meet The NutriPaw Family

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What does it do?
Soothes your Itchy Dog Bum Scooting, Itchy Ears, Gut Nourish Skin & Coat Daily Multi-Vitamin Anxiety, Stress, Fear, Barking Mobility, Flexibility,Strength Clean Teeth, Healthy Gums
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2-3 more ingredients vs others 2-3 more ingredients vs others 2-3 more ingredients vs others 2-3 more ingredients vs others 2-3 more ingredients vs others 2-3 more ingredients vs others 2-3 more ingredients vs others
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