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Air Pump for Inflatable, Electric Quick-Fill Air Pump/Blow up for Air Mattress Air Bed Paddling Pool Swimming Ring,Inflatables Inflate Deflate Air Pump 3 Nozzles Home/Car Use,Ac 12V 50W 2M

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  • ♥[Quick Electronic Air Pump: Save time & effort] TECHSHARE Electronic Air Pump can quickly inflate. You can easily fill an air mattress in about 30 seconds. Designed to save your time and energy! Our air pump is equipped with a 2m plug and a 2m cigarette lighter plug, which can be used at home or in an outdoor car. (AC 230V / DC 12V 50W) Family essential! Ideal for camping, festival or vacation!
  • ♥[Widely used air pump] TECHSHARE air pump is equipped with three air nozzles (large, medium and small), suitable for different air inlets. electronic air pump can use for family (inflatable bed, air cushion, inflatable sofa, air cushion, vacuum compression bag, Christmas or Halloween products), inflatable toys (inflatable wooden horse) or outdoor/camping (air cushion, lifebuoy, inflatable raft, leather Rowing boats, inflatable swimming pools, swimming pool toys).
  • ♥[TECHSHARE Air Pump: Inflatable and Exhaustable] This electric pump can not only inflate, but also exhaust. There is an inflation port on the left side and an exhaust port on the top. Simple to use, just plug in the power supply and turn on the "-" button to inflate or exhaust. Human body pump design with ergonomic shape, non-slip, easy to hold. It can be operated with one hand. Our air pump will make you no longer feel tired due to manual exhaust.
  • ♥[Safe, portable, compact air pump] TECHSHARE air pump has undergone strict quality inspection procedures to ensure quality. The movement is made of pure copper (long service life). It has anti-overcharge protection function to prevent toys from exploding. The height of the air pump is only 12 cm, exquisite and small. Portable design. The air pump can save you space in your car wallet or trunk. Bring a miniature air pump and enjoy a wonderful journey!
  • ♥[Lifetime Service] Our air pump has been tested by the European Union and the United Kingdom. Conforms to European standards. Buy our air pump, provide 7 * 24h online air pump service, 3 months replacement, lifetime warranty service. Contact us to get this service.TIPS: In order to extend the service life, please use it for no more than 10 minutes at ONE time. Not applicable to needle valve products, such as balloons, basketballs, tires. We buy without risk, please click "Buy Now"!

Product Description

TECHSHARE Electronic Air Pump Features

  • 1.50w, Fast and Efficient, Save Your Time! Fill an Inflatable Cushion in 30s
  • 2.Portable Design
  • 3.Simple Operation, One Button On Or Off
  • 4. 3 Different Universal Nozzles, Suitable For a Variety of Inflatable Products
  • 5.Exquisite and Compact, Can be Operated With One Hand
  • 6.High-Quality Materials
  • 7.Exhausted, Easy to Store When You are Tired
  • 8.Lengthen 2m, Enough to Use
  • 9.No unpleasant, pungent smell
  • 10.Suitable for Home and Outdoor/Camping

TECHSHARE Electronic Air Pump is Suitable for family indoor, back garden, outdoor, camping, etc.

Small size, easy to carry. It will save your space in a storage boxes or car trunks.

It can be inflated or exhausted.

50W, Fast inflation, save your time and energy.

TECHSHARE Electronic Air Pump can fill a 170*70*15cm mattress with 30s. Fill an inflatable boat for 3-5 people in 3-4 minutes! Portable and efficient, you deserve it!

A 170*70*15cm mattress can be exhausted in 35s. then the storage can be easily completed! Inflation and exhaust are so easy!

On a hot afternoon, under the shade of the trees in the back garden, spend 3mins filling a swimming pool and enjoy a cool summer with your family! What a pleasant moment!

TECHSHARE Electronic Air Pump Widely used:Our inflatable pump is suitable for inflatable bed, air cushions, inflatable sofas, air cushions, inflatable dolls, vacuum compression bags, inflatable wooden horses, inflatable castles, and inflatable slides.

Also suitable for outdoor/camping inflatable cushions, lifebuoys, inflatable swimming pools, kayaks.

Also suitable for outdoor/camping inflatable cushions, life buoys, inflatable swimming pools, kayaks, floating sleeves, inflatable pools and other inflatable toys.

Tip: This air pump is not suitable for high-pressure products such as balloons, tires and basketballs

TECHSHARE Electronic Air Pump Exhaust steps:

  • 1. Open the air valve before inflating
  • 2. Select the appropriate nozzle, install the nozzle on the inflation port, and press the switch for exhaust
  • 3. Turn off the power to complete storage

Noise reduction designL:latest and advanced wheel design and strong metal impellers create less noise than others

TECHSHARE Electronic Air Pump is equipped with 3 nozzles.

TECHSHARE Electronic Air Pump is equipped with 3 nozzles.suitable for a variety of inflatable items.

  • 1.Large nozzle: very suitable for inflatable mattresses, bounce rooms, inflatable boats, etc.
  • 2.Medium nozzle: very suitable for inflatable beds, inflatable swimming pools, handicrafts, etc.
  • 3.Small nozzle: very suitable for swimming ring, inflatable horse, vacuum compression bag, floating sleeve, and other small inflatable toys

TECHSHARE Electronic Air Pump 2 Meter Extension

We used the 1.2m cable before, and some buyers feedback that the cable is too short.

So we lengthened the home gauge cable and cigarette lighter cable to 2 meters. That convenient for you enough.

Choose TECHSHARE Electronic Air Pump, make the right choice!

Choosing us means choosing high quality, saving time, effort and money!

Electronic Air Pump Warning:

1.Please do not exceed 10 minutes once a time in order to prolong the life.

2.If you need to charge a lot of items,please rest for a few minutes among items

3.Do not pour water into the inside of the air pump during use to avoid leakage

4.Children under 6 years of age are prohibited from using it. Minors should use it under the supervision of their guardian.

  1. Material: Our pet accessories are made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and comfort for your furry friends. Please refer to individual product descriptions for specific materials used.
  2. Cleaning: We recommend cleaning our pet accessories on a regular basis to maintain their appearance and hygiene. For most items, hand washing with mild soap and water is sufficient. Please refer to individual product care instructions for more details.
  3. Sizing: To ensure the perfect fit for your pet, please measure them carefully before making a purchase. Each product has its own sizing chart, so please refer to those for accurate measurements.
  4. Safety: While we strive to create safe products for pets, it is important to always supervise your pet while they are using our accessories. Some items may present choking hazards if not used correctly.
  5. Storage: When not in use, store our pet accessories in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight. This will help maintain their quality and prolong their lifespan.

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