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5000+ Colorful Rubber Loom Bands Starter Kit Premium Quality Loom Bands Kit in 20 Unique Colors with Beads and Other Accessories for Friendship Bracelet Making Kit in Craft Storage Box

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  • Vibrant Rubber Bands Bracelet making Kit: The Loomartic loom band kit is the perfect craft kit for kids. This all in one bracelet kit includes a variety of rubber bands and everything needed to create a vibrant work of art that will brighten up any space. This Multicolor Elastic Bands Bracelet maker is sure to be a hit with children of all ages. Get your hands on this fun and engaging loom bands kits today!
  • Colorful Loom Band Accessories : Loomartic Loom Band Set, the perfect girls birthday presents for artisans and creative kids. This colorful loom bands starter kit and organized bracelet maker includes over 5000 rubber loom bands, 10 associated loom band charms, 96 s clips, a big steel crochet hook,3 small crochet hooks,3 Y looms,2 zipper hooks,15 Fruit Beads,10 Gift Wrap,80 Alphabet beads,80 Colorful Round Beads and a large loom bands board.
  • Safe & Durable Material :Loomartic loom band kits are made with only the best and safest materials; they are lead-free,latex-free.This vibrant colored loom bracelet kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions which is covered with Storage box.
  • PLAY AND LEARN: Encourage play and learning with Loomartic Loom rubber bands - the perfect activity to keep your little one occupied at home. This loom bands kit includes a variety of accessories to create interesting and beautiful things, such as friendship bracelets, necklaces, rings, dolls, hair bands, and other decorations, providing a fun and engaging experience for kids. The Jewellery making kit comes with pre-arranged finishing rubber bands, weaving accessories with plenty of colors.
  • Bracelet Making Set:Surprise your kids with the fantastic option of Loomartic loom bands kits for girls - a unique and creative gifts idea for birthdays, Christmas parties, New Year's Day, or any other holiday. This lightweight loom bands refill comes packaged in a transparent storage box in a standard size, making it easy to store and organize.

Product Description

Unleash your child's inner artist with this Rubber Loom bands kit, featuring 20 vibrant colors of bands and a variety of decorative accessories like round beads , charms, and alphabet beads.

Friendship Bracelet Making kit Accessories

Loomartic accessories provide a great way for children to enhance their creativity and develop their fine motor skills. With a variety of tools and decorative pieces, children can take their bracelet maker creations to the next level, making each piece unique and personalized.

  • Loom band charms add a personal touch with a variety of shapes and designs
  • Loom bands s clips fasten loom band creations into wearable accessories
  • Loom band board are perfect for larger and more complex designs, and for group crafting activities

Loomartic Rubber Loom bands Refill Pack Encourages Learning and Creativity in Children

Promoting Mental Focus and Sense of Achievement in Children

The loom bands kit is a great way to keep your child engaged and focused on a fun and educational activity. It can also help improve their hand-eye coordination and mental focus as they work on intricate designs. The possibilities are endless with this amazing blingles band kit, as it comes with a variety of colors and designs that will keep your child entertained for hours.

Loom Band set includes :

  • 5000+ High elasticity loom rubber bands with 10 Gift Wraps
  • 3 Small & 1 Big Steel Crochet hook
  • 96 Loom Bands s clips
  • 80+ Alphabet beads
  • 80+ Colorful Round beads
  • 3 Y Looms & 2 Zipper Hooks
  • 10 Assorted Loom band Charms & 15 Fruit Beads
  • Loom Band Board

Perfect Gifts for kids

Loom band bracelet making kit is a wonderful way to encourage creativity and imagination in children and teens .The loom bands starter kit with board is well-organized in a plastic craft storage box that keeps everything in place. Whether it's for a birthday, Halloween, Christmas, or New Year, this kit is sure to bring joy and happiness to any young recipient.

Get Crafty with Loved Ones

Jewellery making kit are not just a fun and engaging activity for children, they can also be a great way for friends and family to bond and spend time together. Whether it's making bracelets, necklaces, hair bands, or other accessories, creating with bracelet kit provides a great opportunity for loved ones to get creative and explore their artistic side.

Make Your Favorite Character Designs

Creating favorite cartoon character, superhero, or even a pet. Loomartic craft kit can be used to create unique and intricate designs. You can even make them into keychains, or other accessories to show off your favorite designs.

Craft Your Own Unique Handmade Bracelets

Create a unique handmade bracelet is by experimenting with color combinations. You can choose colors that complement each other or create bold and contrasting designs for a more eye-catching look. Adding beads or charms to your bracelet can also make it stand out and add a personal touch.

Assorted Charms

Assorted charms are small, decorative pieces that can be added to loom band designs to make them more unique. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Small Crochet

Small crochet hooks are used to make small projects, such as keychains and bracelets. They are also a great way to add details to loom band designs.

S Clips

S clips are small plastic connectors that are used to attach loom band designs together. They are a great way to make your designs more secure and durable.

Fruity Beads

Fruity beads are small, colorful beads that are made to look like fruits. They are a fun and creative way to add some personality to your loom band designs.

Y Looms

Y looms are a type of loom board that has a Y-shaped design. They are a good choice for making larger projects.

Steel Crochet Hook

A steel crochet hook is a stronger and more durable option than a small crochet hook. It is a good choice for making larger projects or projects that will be put through a lot of wear and tear.

Loom Board

A loom board is a flat surface with pegs that are used to create loom band designs. It is the essential tool for loom band crafting.

Alpha & Color beads

Alpha and color beads are small beads that are used to create letters and numbers. They are a great way to personalize your loom band designs or to add some educational value to them.

Zipper Hooks

This set of zipper clips comes in a variety of colors, so you can find the perfect ones to match your loom band designs.

Gift Bags

This set of gift wraps included, so you can gift your creations for someone you love!

Instruction Paper

This instruction paper includes clear and concise instructions on how to use all of the accessories in the loom bands kit.

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