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5.7L/6 Quart(Pot Body+Lid) All-Round Dutch Oven Dual Function Lid Griddle with Lid Lifter Camping Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Pot

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  • Well Known as a Lifetime Pot. The size of the Dutch oven is 5.7L/6 Quart (Pot body + pot lid), make it more easier for your family use. Compared with pots of other materials, Overmont Dutch ovens are made of cast iron, will last a lifetime (or more) if cared for properly. It can be a family pot also save much money for you.
  • All-round Dutch oven. The integral legs on both pot and lid allows the oven sit perfectly over the campfire, also make the lid a great griddle to fry meals. Moreover, cast iron pots are not coated in toxic chemicals, safe non-stick surface and can be used both on the stove and in the oven.
  • Energy-saving and Environmental Protection. Heat is evenly distributed and held, making it great for deep frying, searing, and baking. It also has the advantages of heat insulation and better sealing performance, so even a new camper can do great delicious roasted chicken with this pot. Maximum heating temperature: 482°F (250°C)
  • Intimate Lid Lifter. Considering the great weight of cast iron, Overmont equips a lid lifter for each of the Dutch oven. Besides, the durable handle allows you to hang it over the open fire. We also design an eagle pattern on the lid as our Logo which means freedom, power, strength and desire for life.
  • HOW TO CARE - Once you are done cooking on Overmont Dutch oven, cleanup is pretty easy. Make sure to dry it completely after clean. While the pot is still warm, lightly oil the inside of the pan with your oil of choice. Again, a super thin coat is all you need. Use a cloth or paper towel to rub off any excess. Overmont dedicated to provide the best sporting experiences for the new generation outdoor sports enthusiasts. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any issue.

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Can I use this Dutch oven on an induction stove top/oven ?

Overmont Dutch oven can be used on a gas stove top, induction stove top, charcoal grill, campfire and in the oven. Please do NOT put it in the microwave.

Is this pre-seasoned? Do I need to season it myself?

It is pre-seasoned with vegetable oil and ready to use.After each use, just lightly oil the inside of the pan with your oil of choice.

Can a Dutch oven rust?

Yes. Cooking food releases steam and after the oven is turned off and begins to cool down, this steam condenses to water. Moisture is what contributes to the rust of a cast-iron product.

What should I do if it is already rusted?

Follow our steps to cook, clean, season, and your cast Iron Dutch oven will last a lifetime. See the manual for details.

Is it normal for cast iron pans to have uneven thickness at the bottom?

It is normal. The bottom center of the pan is where it gets the warmest while cooking, so it will be thicker than the rest.


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