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18Pack Magic Eraser Sponge for Cleaning, Extra Durable with 2X Stronger Cleaning Power for All Household Surfaces, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Walls, Shoes, Just Add Water to Erase All Dirt

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  • Easy & Safe - Magic eraser sponge Only needs water to clean, so it won't hurt your surfaces. Just wet it, wipe, and dirt is gone.
  • 2X Stronger - Magic eraser Provides 2X stronger cleaning power, with twice the weight and density per volume for extra durability.
  • Multi-Purpose - Magic sponge Easily clean grease, soap marks, and even "permanent" stains. Use them in your kitchen, bathroom, on walls, doors, floors, shoes, car, and more. No need to scrub hard!
  • 18Pack - Lasts longer than other brands and cost much less. It's the ultimate cleaning power for your money.
  • Durability Info - The cleaning principle is very much like a pencil eraser; it compresses, breaks down or falls apart during use, leaving small pieces of debris when you use it.

Product Description

cleaning performance that’s 2X stronger than other brand magic eraser sponge

Got messes that seem impossible?

Magic Eraser Extra Durable is tough enough to mess with almost any mess.

- A Power Clean with water alone.

- Water-activated micro-scrubbers reach into surface grooves and yank out built up dirt, grime and soap scum.

- The Magic Eraser Extra Durable packs a punch with a cleaning performance that’s 2X stronger than other brand magic eraser sponge

- Built with to tackle impossible dirt all around the house.

note:our eraser are universal and work like an eraser .so if it fells to pieces after use .it is normal.

so before use .please cut it into small pieces that you want .

Give dirt the one-two punch.

Impossible messes don’t stand a chance against new Magic Eraser Extra Durable. it’s a tough, mean, dirt fighting machine.

Take care of business in the bathroom.

Cleaning tough dirt business that is. Wash away your grime worries on your sink, bath tub, and even tile grout.

Eat kitchen messes for breakfast.

Get rid of a mess quicker than you can cook one up. Tackle impossible baked-on grease and kitchen grime faster than you can say chimichanga.

Take care of those impossible crayon, marker, or scuff marks that have been in your house for as long as you.

Tough on dirt. Easy to use.

Just wet and squeeze your Magic Eraser and you're ready to wipe that smug smile off dirt's face.

How do I use the magic eraser?

Simply moisten, express and erase: moisten the eraser with water and squeeze it out. Rub the magic eraser over the dirty surface to remove grease and dirt. After removing the dirt, rinse the eraser to remove any adhering residue. Dispose of after repeated use.

What is the magic eraser made of?

The magic eraser is made of melamine resin foam. Thanks to its microstructure, it penetrates into the deep grooves of the surface and removes the accumulated dirt and accumulated grease.

For which surfaces is the magic eraser suitable?

The Magic Eraser is ideal for hard surfaces such as work surfaces, table tops, floors, doors, walls, baseboards, and other devices. It absorbs it with a variety of soil conditions and reliably removes soap deposits in the bathtub, splashes in the microwave, baked-on grease on the hob, dirty rubber soles and more. Important: first try on an inconspicuous place with just a little rubbing. It is not intended for use on the following surfaces: high gloss, polished, dark, brushed, satin, artificial, wood, copper, stainless steel, painted or body surfaces.

Do I also need to use a detergent?

It is not necessary to use a cleaning agent: water alone is sufficient. Simply moisten under running water, express briefly and you're ready to go.

Note: our sponge are universal and work like an eraser .so if it fell to pieces after use. It is normal. So please cut into small pieces before use, you want.

What is a magic eraser sponge?

The PREMIUM eraser looks like a normal cleaning sponge. Its secret lies in the material used: it consists of a filigree microstructure of foamed melamine resin.

Melamine is extremely robust and in its rigid form is almost as hard as glass.

As soon as you rub with the moistened eraser over a stain, the microstructure gradually dissolves. In the process, the microscopically small melamine particles invisible to the human eye enter the deep grooves of the surface and remove the accumulated dirt. - Completely without any tiresome scrubbing and also without chemicals.

Similar to an eraser, the sponge gradually dissolves during use.

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