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160Pcs/Box Fishing Accessories Kit, Including Jig Worm Hooks, Iron-Weights, Rolling Barrel Fishing Swivels Snaps, Sinker Slides, Fishing Line Beads, Fishing Gear Set with Tackle Box

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  • PACKAGE INCLUDE: fishing tackle set collect single barrel crimp sleeve, ring, rolling swivel, plastic red heart plastic piece, worm hook, baitholder hook, treble hook, snap swivel, 3 way barrel swivel, duo-lock snaps, stainless steel fishing hook, fishing sinkers, fishing beads, fishing line sinker slider hook and rubber bobber stopper
  • SUPERIOR FISHONG KIT: High strength and it can be used for a long time in saltwater environment, our superior fishing kit will help to attract more catches and provoke predator fish to strike
  • PORTABLE: They are all packed in a box which is convenient to carry, allow you to travel to your favorite fishing spot and enjoy fishing whenever and wherever you want
  • PERFECT COMBINATION: The fishing tackles are placed in different compartments, there are white lids on both sides, so you can see all kinds of accessories clearly
  • BEST CHOICE: Useful accessories help keep fishing more efficient, various sizes of accessories all the necessary fishing accessories, meet multiple fishing needs. The black box size is 4.7X3.9X1.3inch

Product Description

JSHANMEI Fishing accessories kit are made of high quality stainless steel and polyethylene, so they are durable enough to accomplish multiple fishing tasks even in the complicated and challenging fishing spots. All accessories are easy to use and connect with each other, so both beginners and experts can enjoy the process of trying different combinations.

Specifications: Box Size: 12cm * 9cm * 3cm / 4.7in * 3.6in * 1.2in

Package Include: Sinker Slides (Yellow): 10pcs Sinker Slides (Red): 10pcs Sinker Slides (Blue): 10pcs Rolling Swivel 2# (17mm): 10pcs Rolling Swivel 4# (14mm): 10pcs Rolling Swivel 6# (12mm): 10pcs Rolling Swivel Snap 2# (36mm): 10pcs Rolling Swivel Snap 4# (30mm): 10 pcs 3 Way Cross-line Barrel Swivel: 15pcs Jig Worm Hooks 1#: 20pcs Iron Weights:6pcs Mixed Colorful Fishing Beads : 39pcs

The items maybe a little different with the picture,because of the version revised,please note it,thanks!

Enjoy fishing with JSHANMEI fishing tacke kit!

Fishing Rolling Swivels

Material:high quality copper and nickel

Flexible Rotation: All-round rotation.

Chamfer Design: Low resistance, increased pull.

Size and Test:1/0#-135LB-10pcs



Fishing Rolling Swivel with Safety Snaps

Material:excellent metal material with electroplating treatment

Wide Applicability: Suitable for all fishing needs and great for live bait, fresh cut bait, yellow tail, bass, rock fish and so on

Size and Test:2#-36LB-10pcs


Fishing Cross-line Swivels

Material:Made of high-strength steel with corrosion-resistant black finish

Durable Design:Superior abrasion, corrosion and shock resistance even with long-term use

NO Twist:Creates smooth rotation with superior no-twist protection

Size and Test:1#-99LB-5pcs



Black Worm Fishing Hooks

Material:made for high carbon steel and field tested

Barb Hooks Design:They are really sharp,for less mortality rate

Suitable for All Types:Fine workmanship, don't rust stay sharp and meet the standards, rigging with worms, and other plastic rubber soft baits

Size:1# Blacks-20pcs

Bullet Sinker Weights

Minimum Twist: Prevent unwanted tangling, leader-free.

High Quality: Abrasion resistance, corrosion, high aging resistance and good shock resistance

Wide Application: Fishing weight will slide up and down the line, high quality and great all-around sinker for general use

Size &Quality:Assorted size 6pcs

Assorted Color Fishing Sinker Slides

Rolling Swivel:has small friction and flexible rotation, effectively avoiding floating and main line winding

Beads:the bean is made of wear-resistant plastic, its smooth sliding hole doesn't hurt the line.

Application:used for sea fishing, freshwater fishing




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