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10 Pack of Duo Action Antibacterial Cleaning Pads Microfibre Cloth Sponge Scourers Dusters for Home Kitchen Bathroom Shower Scrubbing Dusting Wiping Polishing Washing up Dishes - Assorted

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  • DUAL-SIDED VERSATILITY: Experience the ideal balance of gentle and tough cleaning, with one side featuring our premium microfibre for polishing and wiping and the other with a non-scratch nylon scrub.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY CLEANING SOLUTION: Say goodbye to harsh chemicals! Achieve superior antibacterial cleaning with just water, thanks to our innovative microfibre technology to mop up liquids.
  • COLOUR-CODED CONVENIENCE: Make cleaning fun and organised with our various colour options - to prevent cross-contamination in different cleaning areas. Make cleaning cleaner with one wipe!
  • EFFORTLESS MAINTENANCE: Our cleaning pads are designed for durability and easy care, machine washable without the need for bleach or fabric softeners, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • BULK PACK VALUE: Each pack contains 10 versatile, hand-shaped pads, available in single colours or an assortment pack, ideal for both personal and commercial use.

Product Description

Heading: Duo-Action Cleaning Pads by Micro-Pro: Revolutionize Your Cleaning Routine

Unveil the power of versatility and skin-friendly efficiency with Micro-Pro's Duo-Action Cleaning Pads. Each pad is a masterstroke of design, featuring a dual-sided structure that combines the gentle touch of premium microfibre with the robust cleaning prowess of a non-scratch nylon scrub. These pads are not just tools but allies in your quest for a pristine home. Dive into a cleaning experience that eradicates the need for harsh chemicals, relying solely on water for an antibacterial cleanse that leaves every surface sparkling. With a rainbow of colour options, these pads bring not just cleanliness but joy and order to your routine, allowing for easy identification to prevent cross-contamination. Embrace the convenience of a product designed for durability and effortless maintenance, machine washable for countless reuses. Opt for the bulk pack and arm yourself with a versatile arsenal for every cleaning task, available in vibrant single colours or an assorted mix. Transform your cleaning regimen with the Micro-Pro Duo-Action Pads - where efficiency meets sustainability.

Improve Your Cleaning Game: Duo-Action Pads for a Greener Clean

Embrace the future of cleaning with the Duo-Action Pads by Micro-Pro, designed to tackle any mess with ease and eco-consciousness. Engineered with a unique dual-sided feature, these pads offer the perfect blend of soft microfibre and tough, non-scratch nylon scrub. Ideal for a myriad of surfaces, from wood to glass, without the need for additional chemicals. Experience the satisfaction of both sparkling cleanliness and environmental stewardship in every wipe.

Tech Specifications

  • Dual-sided design: Microfibre and nylon scrub
  • Skin-friendly: Effective cleaning with just water
  • Colour-coded: Avoids cross-contamination
  • Machine washable: Easy and durable care
  • Bulk pack availability: Suited for both home and commercial use

Master the Art of Cleaning with Micro-Pro Duo-Action Pads

Discover the seamless blend of functionality and sustainability with Micro-Pro's Duo-Action Cleaning Pads. These innovative cleaning allies are your answer to the modern home's needs, featuring a dual-sided composition for both gentle dusting and aggressive scrubbing. Say goodbye to the traditional, chemical-heavy cleaning methods; welcome a new era where water alone unlocks powerful antibacterial properties. Each pad is a testament to durable design, promising long-lasting utility and simplifying your cleaning routine without compromising on environmental values.

Transformative Cleaning: Duo-Action Pads by Micro-Pro

Step into a world where cleaning is no longer a chore but a delightful experience with Micro-Pro's Duo-Action Cleaning Pads. These versatile pads are designed to cater to all your cleaning demands, featuring a two-sided design for gentle wiping and effective scrubbing. Their ability to deliver superior cleanliness with just water not only positions them as an skin friendly choice but also as a safeguard for your family's health. Durable, machine washable, and available in a variety of colours, these cleaning pads redefine what it means to keep your home clean and fresh.

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